falling back in love with reading

Image: Pixabay

With every passing year, I make the resolution to read more. Which sounds ridiculous if you knew what I was like ten years ago. I was one of those children who used to stay up at night with a book under the covers and a torch. Not even sunny days could drag me away from the comfort of printed pages.

I used to read until my eyes got sore and my joints got stiff from holding the heavy weight of thousands of words.

Every year since I started university (three now) I have made the resolution that I really must read more. Which is ironic as I study history and my days revolve around reading. But reading for pleasure has been out of the question since 2016.

Reading for pleasure can often feel like a selfish indulgence – especially with fiction books. Often, they’re not really adding much to your life (or you intelligence) and feel as if they are a sinful indulgence. That’s what my relationship to them has been recently anyway. After failing last year’s Goodreads reading challenge I set for myself, and the one before that I really want to start enjoying reading again.

Because reading should not be categorized as a form of guilty self indulgence, even when our busy lives are jam packed – who can’t spare ten minutes a day? Reading is so important for the mind and maintaining a mentality of freedom and imagination.

So for this month (during my revision for exams!) – I have challenged myself to read more fiction. I am on book number 2 so far. A follow up ‘books I have read this month’ will be on the horizon soon.


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