Book Review: The Flatshare

This is going to be a quick review, not because I think it deserves a shorter one, I am just trying out a new format! Let me know what you think of this style, as opposed to the longer, more detailed form my reviews tend to have.

Author: Beth O’Leary

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Rating: 4/5

Quick synopsis

Tiffy is working in publishing in London, on a minimum wage, barely able to make ends meet. After a relationship break down and desire to move out into her own space, she conveniently sees an advert for a flat share with a low rate. The catch – the flat only has one bed!

The conditions of the flat share are that Tiffy is out of the flat between 9am-5pm, whilst she’s at work and Leon, the existing tenant, is out of the flat when she gets back, as he works night shifts. Although it takes months for them to meet in person (when they do it’s incredibly funny) they get to know each other via post it notes left around the flat.

Featuring a psycho ex boyfriend, a great group of friends, the frolics of the publishing world and falling in love most unexpectedly, this book is uplifting and warming in a time of unease.


  • The people in this book made it for me. The main characters (and alternate protagonists) Tiffy and Leon are complete opposites. Tiffy is untidy, extravagant and an extrovert, whereas Leon is tidy, quiet and introverted. Tiffy is endlessly likable with her wit and style and equally, Leon is both warm and thoughtful. For me, Tiffy is like an alternative Bridget Jones – whose humor and resolve make her perspective an entertaining read.
  • The situation is funny and relatable (given the housing climate in London.) The reader is left wondering how an earth this set up is going to work. Remarkably, it all runs very smoothly until a certain point.
  • The communication between Tiffy and Leon via post it notes is a unique and charming element of the novel which I really enjoyed.
  • The sub plot between Tiffy and her ex boyfriend, Justin, is revealing and adds a twist to the story. I thought Beth O’Leary dealt with the issue of gas-lighting and emotional abuse very well – but still obtained a sense of lightheartedness and humor due to Tiffy’s nature as a character.
  • BUT boy is it cheezy, however it is a rom-com so why wouldn’t it be? As soon as I started reading the book I kind of knew how it would unfold but this didn’t stop me, as I enjoyed every word and was captivated by it for two days.
  • It didn’t change my life but then again, it didn’t need to. (But this is the rationale behind my 4/5)
  • Reading this book itself is a warming and uplifting experience and I felt it was very much needed at this time!

As always, keep safe and happy reading 🙂


  1. I ADORED this book so I’m glad you liked it too! I like your comment about how relatable it is given the housing situation in London—the author based it on her experience but apparently a number of people still found it unrealistic. It definitely is the perfect kind of read for these times!

    As to your review format, I enjoy both your long reviews and this new format—maybe this format for lighter books, but the longer and more detailed ones for heavier reads? 🙂

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    1. violetdaniels97 says:

      Yes it was such a lovely book to read, I felt uplifted and a little warmer after I had finished it. I didn’t think it was unrealistic at all, can totally imagine it happening. Good idea! 🙂


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