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This looks like great fun and I love reading and writing these so thank you to the lovely Gil for tagging me – her blog is amazing so please go and check it out (https://gilreadsbooks.wordpress.com/) here goes!

Would you rather only read mass market paperbacks or only read stiff, non-floppy paperbacks?

It has to be mass market paperbacks, it really bothers me when books are stiff and hard to read. I don’t like bending back the covers because then they permanently don’t close by themselves. So mass market paperbacks all the way! And plus, they are usually always in the buy one get one half price at Waterstones. 🙂

Would you rather have your favourite character be a terrible person in real life or your favourite author be a horrible in real life?

Hmm that’s a difficult one. I’d have to say my favourite author be a terrible person – and I think this is somewhat true in a lot of cases! (sadly). I know George Orwell wasn’t meant to be particularly nice as a person…

Would you rather meet your favourite booktubers or meet your favourite book blogger?

I don’t actually follow any booktubers – I’m not sure why, I just haven’t got into that yet. If anyone can recommend some please let me know in the comments! So it would have to be my favourite book bloggers.

Would you rather have to dog-ear your pages or have to write on them?

I write on my pages anyway… and I like it that way so I’d rather be able to keep doing that. I actually think it looks quite nice to have little penciled in comments in books. I’d never write in pen though.

Would you rather have a damaged book delivered to you every time or the wrong book to be delivered to you every time (the second or third time you may get the right one)?

Damaged – I often think used books give them more character but it depends on how damaged it would be… If it’s still readable I really wouldn’t mind. I took home a book from work (I work in a bookshop) which had been flooded on, all the pages were crinkly but I put it on my radiator to dry off when I got home and it was fine!

Would you rather be a librarian or a bookseller?

I have volunteerd in a library in the past and worked as a bookseller more recently. Have got to say a bookseller – there’s nothing more rewarding than being able to recommend books to customers and later hear that they loved them. And the discount is pretty good too!

Would you rather have your favourite character die in the end or have your favourite character not complete their mission/life goal?

Sorry for being depressing but I’d rather see them die than have endless suffering and a boring life, never moving forward…

Would you rather live in a library in space or a live in a library under the sea

Space scares me and I’d be very far away from earth – so I’d rather live in a library under the sea. Also, I love the sea so it wouldn’t be too bad. But just hope the books wouldn’t get wet.

Would you rather not be able to read any books from your favourite author or have them not publish anything again?

I think I’d rather them not be able to publish anything again… as at least I could then try and catch up with everything they’ve written. Also, I’m a great re-reader, so reading the same book again wouldn’t bother me. (I’ve read One Day about eight times I think)

Would you rather read everything ever published (even the worst books) or read only one book a year?

This is a no brainier for me – I’d rather have endless books to read than only one a year. There’s something weirdly satisfying about reading bad books, sometimes.

Thank you for the tag, Gil 🙂 I now nominate the following… These are all great blogs and some of my favourites so check them out if you can!

No pressure to do the tag! Just a bit of fun 🙂

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  1. stargazer says:

    Great answers! I would definitely go for a library in space – think of all the fun aliens you would meet. 🙂 Thanks for the tag, I will see if I can do this one as well.

    Liked by 1 person

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