Editor & founder

A Thousand Lives

Violet started her own Medium publication in December 2020, after being on the platform for just a few months. She now manages a small pool of writers and two editors, and is trying to expand the readership through social media, and of course, spreading a sheer love, appreciation and passion for books and all things literary.

To read more about the publication and why Violet started it, click here.

Editor for Backbench UK

Being part of the editorial team – Violet edits submissions to a high standard, using WordPress and shares content across Backbench’s social media platforms. Part of her role is also providing writers with feedback on their work. During important political events, such as the last US Election, Violet also took part in live Tweeting/reporting for Backench on their Twitter account.

The Yorker UK Editorial Director 2017-19

  • Within her role as Editor, it was Violet’s job to oversee the complete running of the company as well as editorial matters. She was the main port of communication for writers, section editors, business staff, companies and the press, including regularly representing The Yorker as a company.
  • It was also Violet’s responsibility to write regularly and ensure the writing of others was of high quality. She also conducted regular editorial and business meetings and was responsible for the vast majority of the administration of the company. She worked in close conjunction with both section editors and business members to ensure that The Yorker maintained its readership and ran as smoothly as possible.

Services: editing & proofreading

Violet has a proven track record of editing articles to a high standard throughout her editorial roles, and would love to offer her services to you. If you have anything that needs a second pair of eyes, feel free to get in contact to discuss rates. Violet specializes in web and blog based content.